Wheelchair Buying Guide Part I
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Wheelchair Buying Guide Part I

Searching options for ‘Wheelchair Near Me’? Follow our Wheelchair guide for choosing the suitable wheelchair for you.
Many patients and their family members struggle while buying wheelchairs. Some of them take references from other patients, and some take doctors’ opinions, but does it solve the problem?

A good understanding of the ‘types of wheelchairs’ and ‘things to consider in a wheelchair’ creates a significant difference. Our  Wheelchair selection guide will solve both problems.

Types of Wheelchairs

There are main two types of manual wheelchairs. Both of these wheelchairs can suit different needs and requirements of users.

1. Self-Propelled Wheelchairs
Self-Propelled wheelchairs are designed for such occupants who wish to push or propel the wheelchair themselves. These wheelchairs have larger wheels at the back with push-rims that allow the occupants maneuvering themselves using their upper body strength.

2. Attendant Propelled Wheelchairs
As the name suggests, these wheelchairs are ideal for those occupants, who do not have the strength to push their wheelchairs themselves. These wheelchairs come with smaller rear wheels and are easy for attendants to push. The only drawback these wheelchairs have their inability that restricts self-pushing. 
Now, you have a fair understanding of the types of wheelchairs, so now let us understand things to consider in wheelchairs.

Things to Consider in Wheelchairs

There are a lot of other things to consider while choosing a wheelchair. These things are not always obvious, but they can have an enormous impact on how you use the chair.
● Overall Weight
The overall weight of a wheelchair is an important factor to consider when choosing one. Lightweight wheelchairs come with aluminum frames, which make them easy to push but increase their price too. 

● Storage
Storage is another important parameter. The wheelchair you choose should be easy to store. As often as possible, people like to travel with their wheelchairs in cars and on planes; therefore, easy folding makes storage easier. 

● Usage Frequency
Your usage frequency is important. Some wheelchairs are designed for short trips, whereas others are suitable for frequent and constant use. The one that is designed for sporadic use will not be durable for constant use. Wheelchairs, which are designed for regular use provide more comfort to users.

The Right Decision Creates the Whole Difference

Making a buying decision is not tough, making the right decision is tougher. We know you will get many suggestions while searching ‘wheelchair near me,’ but we want you to buy a suitable wheelchair that meets your requirements well.

We have a wide range of wheelchairs that can meet your needs well. You can explore our Wheelchair range here. 

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